Music Massage Chair
Music Massage Chair
Color Box:
This product has fashionable external, with streamlined and multicurved surface design, appears much more fashionable.

Main functions:
1.By adopting device of moving upwards and downwards, the backrest massages neck, shoulder, back and waist in various massage effects in
combination with the human hand imitation massage head driven by four wheels with super low noise.
2.Seat cushion adopts the latest design to carry out massage and shiatsu on hip.
3.Barrel-shape foot massager uses 24 airbags to massage calf, foot and side parts. The pull rod type regulator for shiatsu can regulate its length freely.
4.Parts for massage on back, hip, calf and foot are allocated with 5 micro vibration motors to achieve better results.
5.Storage function is set to realize automatic reset of backrest.
6.The unfold function of backrest realizes various massaging effects on back.
7.Two groups of electric cylinders can lift or lower backrest and calf bracket separately or be synchronized with main engine.
8.The luxurious remote controller is equipped with colorful LCD displayer and shiny keyboard.
9. Airbag cover mechanism system on both armrests gives arms all-round massage

116KGS 21PCS/20". 42PCS/40"
AC 100-120/220-240 V 50/60 Hz 160W USD930