Vacuum Cupping Set
Vacuum Cupping Set
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Inherited from the chinese traditionall medical tretment. Our cupping series uses negative pressure obtained from extracting the air from the cups, instead of using flame ignition for oxygen extraction. This way avoid the fire burn and interinflammation and considered as a gareen therapy device.
1. Cupping is an ancient Chinese method of causing local congestion.
2. Cupping therapy has been further developed as a means to open the 'Meridians' of the body.
3. Vacuum Cupping Apparatus no need fire, just using vaccum gun to cure various diseases, improve the blood circulation, drege cold, poison and etc.
4. Perfect conbination of traditional fire cupping and modern magnetic vacuum cupping.

Main features:
1. Trasparent cup for easy and correct acu-points positions.
2. Direct monitoring the change of skin color for accurate time control.
3. Closely monitor the skin changes on the contact edges of the cups for
Immediate examination.
4. Easy to use, and no size-effect and high treatment efficiency.

1. Diagnosis: The property, location and relationship to internal organs of diseases will be concluded according to changes of skin in cupping site;

2. Treatment: our cupping therapy is applying over ten methods such as maintained cupping, quick cupping, rotating cupping and movable cupping, etc. to treat some dozens of acute or chronic diseases taking acupuncture points of Hua Tuo Jiaji and Back-Shu as the basis;

3. Keeping in health and sturdy state: regulate the qi and blood of the whole body; enhance the resistibility of human body; and prevent against diseases.