TD-10W Jade Massage Belt
TD-10W Jade Massage Belt
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Heating therapy belt, Tourmaline powder,
Tourmaline fibre with multifunctional composite fibre.
Tourmaline - also known as Elcetronic stone, is mined in many parts of the wrold. It has a wide variety of colors. It is known that its electronic and chemical propterties have significant positive effects on the environment and health.
Beneficial effect of tourmaline:
- treatment and prevention of various disease
- enhancement of relaxation
- thermal effects
- air purification
- improvement of water / soil quality
It can emit far infrared rays and negative ion under the variation of temperature and pressure, which can give the human body heating stimulation effect like the micro electric current thermoelectricity to the human body. These can effectively improve the blood circulation, alleviate muscular soreness, activate cell and promote metabolism, relieves sickness eliminates and enhance organism disease-resistant ability. The product is security and easy to operate, the function is lasting.
Suitable for the following symptom:
strain of lumbar muscles, lumbar spondylosis, gastric cold, dysmenorrhea, chilly and so on.


Match the belt close to the skin on the belly and the waist, there will be heating feeling and acupuncture feeling on the belly and the waist after 30 minites. Each time wears 3 hours, we can use many times every day. If you want a fast effect, you can spray little water to function place.
- The following ailments are strictly prohibited to use it : the high fever, the hemorrhage tendency, the temperature felt barrier and wears spot skin damaging.
- The acute soft tissue damage, please use it after 24 hours.
- In vivo is loaded with the pacemaker to be durable, the individual allergic physique please use it under the doctor instruction.
- It is normal phenomenon if the skin is rubefaction and scalding hot feeling on partial skin, the phenomenon will vanish naturally after taking down the product.
- This product is strictly prohibited to immerge in water, we can clean it use the clear water gently. Don't use abluent and decolourant.
- This product is strictly prohibited to the pregnant woman and the child.