TD-A10 warm Jade massage cushion
TD-A10 warm Jade massage cushion
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Jade massage cushion adopt the traditional Chinese medical theory, channels and collaterals with a number of related principles and imperatives. to combine with the morden medical technology and absorbs the international advanced healthcare technology£Ĵadopt the nature Hsiuyen jade, to use the far infrared ray, Halogen wave etc these front end technology.

The Hsiuyen jade of jade massage cushion, to simulate the Tai Chi Qi Gong ,press the passage through the rolling,massage the body with large acreage and deep-rooted,can ease the sub-health cause by overmuch tire.make the function of the innervation and musculature normalize. The jade massage cushion adopt the high technology MCU microcomputer programming., to combie the Halogen wave far infrared ray organically and have the excellent penetrability,with the health magnetic field.and the cellular activation of the nature jade , put a cherry on the top, All these project obviously showes the ideal combination between Western and Chinese medicine.

Features and Functions:
1. Four natural jade massage heads and two jade balls.
2. Auto gear for two kinds of massage speeds.
3. Powerful infrared beams and electromagnetic wave promote the massage more effective.
4. Inwrought design of the carton wrap
5. Kneading massage promote metabolism, improve blood circulation and activate the cell
6. Relieve fatigue, eliminate ache, help to obtain good sleeping and recover physical
7. Designed according to the curve of human body, shaped as an apple
8. Hand-control holder adjusts the massage speeds and jade massage temperature.
9. Safe protective device to ensure safety