Jade Massage Bed
Jade Massage Bed
Color Box:

1) It is well-designed according to body-construction theory, meridian theory, moxibustion theory and healthy care technologies in Occident.

2) The whole program is managed by microcomputer. Many main programs are set up for neck and waist.

3)Novelty design for controller, light penetration rubber for key-press, slap-up VFD Environment-protection super clear screen, with wide view, leading to easy control.

4) Equipped MP3 player, high fidelity stereo earphone, which you can down load any music you like, and it¡¯s possible to massage by enjoy the music.

5)It¡¯s made from natural jade or germanium stone, can generate far-infrared ray by safe heating element, can massage for whole body, and prominence the massage effect.

6)Inside is drive construction, patent design, according to body-construction theory, reaches to perfect massage effect.

7)Measure the height of different human¡¯s body automatically, and massage precisely.

8)It¡¯s quipped with 6 jade cap & 12 jade cap thermal-transmitter, according to different body construction. The temperature is set up between 40¡ã- 70, which can massage whole body with heat.

9)Novelty design for bedstead, auto-adjustable upper bed segment (incline¨Q45¡ã), you may choose the most comfortable angle to massage.