Color Box:
can Massage human body fully. The main unit is composed by 4 group of far-infrared transmitter,8 pcs of germanium-whell and 2 pcs of germanium-ball, carry out curve-moving from neck to waist by high-quality aluminum-alloy orbit. The salient point of germanium can finger presss body point precisely, massage body, promote the blood-circle, the heat cloth can generate far-infrared ray and promote metabolism. The foot unit is composed by 2 guoup of far-infrared transmitter, which can carry out finger-pressing, massage, thermal moxibustion, scraping,traction,ect..

The position of the main bed can be adjusted to be up and down, which can set multi-orientation, and bring you utmost comfort. It's equiped with 1 pc of thermal transmitter with 6-head jade, and 1 pc of vibration & moxibustion massager, which can massage all parts of body, penetrate deeply into bodily tissue and muscles. The blood circulation and metabolisms will be activated. The general well-being will be improved.

Humanism designed main board,the massage area can be adjusted according to human's hight, which will set the main massage unit massage as a human being in certain area.

.Equipped with MP3-player, brings you utmost relaxation, and leads you to ideal audio-therapy and massage-therapy effective.

the controller is VFD screen, has advantages of brightness, in focus and no visual angle problem.
It has wide screen and vivid effect.


1.Massage for whole body
2. Elegant outlooking
3.The position of the main bed can be adjusted to be up and down
4.massage area can be adjusted according to human's hight
5.with MP3-player
6.with VFD screen