Acupuncture Pen
Acupuncture Pen
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1.General Instruction:
Our machine can assist user to diagnose their health condition accurately, all round and easily even at home, which can be considered as a real "home doctor".By using electric pulses to stimulate acupuncture points deep beneath the skins, the machine will not stink and hurt human skins like traditional acupuncture methods using silver needles.
During diagnoses, the LCD displays the diagnoses data. By calculating and analyzing these data, users can easily get their healthy index and know their health condition.

By using the diagnosed results, users can treat themselves correspondingly and achieve the following treatments: Soothing and stimulating blood circulating system, releasing pain, balancing the "Yin/Yang" of bodies, curing internal diseases by external acupuncture methods.
Product Features
Acupuncture locater function locates & signals over 350 classical acupuncture points on your body.
When an acupuncture point is found, sub-health diagnosis therapy device sounds a signal to let you know.
Completely portable, so you can enjoy the benefits of acupuncture whenever and wherever you need it.
Timer switch allows you to determine how long each acupuncture energy release is.
Easy to use on/off switch, can be self-administered, or can be performed on a friend.
1. Electric Acupuncture Function
Electric Acupuncture takes effect on the physiological effect of body electricity. It uses biologic wave to stimulate instead of thread. Especially for the treatment of some intractable diseases, it is effective to choose the Electric acupuncture function.

2. Heating Function
Through the persistent heat released by far infrared, The pads could reach 45-55 degree, penetrating deeply into skin and eliminating the symptom of subhealth. The far infrared could penetrate through skin and help to release nitrogen oxide which has the effect of relaxing blood vessels and preventing the formation of blood clot, to improve the blood circulation in the subhealthy area. More blood come to the injured tissue and increase the supply of oxygen and the precious nutrient. Through the heating function by the far infrared, we could gain effective results with little effort and make the patients feel very comfortable.

3. Acu-Point Detection Function
Find the acu-point automatic and alarm in 1-2min, so convenient with no pain and no side effects. This is because the acupoints could reflect the ˇ°positive electric resistanceˇ±, if there the relative organ or part of human body has any unhealthy. It could convert this ˇ°positive electric resistanceˇ± into sound and light signal for the purpose of speculation and treatment.

4. Low Frequency Cure Function
After the position of acu-point is located, you may easily start the treatment function at once. At this moment, muscle may have fierce reaction. If the relative organ is in the state of subhealth or sickness, the feel will be more intensive. The corresponding cell mass in the viscera produce electrophy biological stimulation, which will directly act on the diseased tissue or organs of the organism through the biologic electronic boresight, regulate physiological electricfield, activate biological cell to adjust the freeradical, and fundamentally regulate the function of assimilation, conduction balance, metabolism, immunity and so on. Finally we could achieve the purpose of prevention and cure.

5. Cure Function
The product composes electricity with five kinds of micro-current programmed simulating human body, which directly take effect on the Acu-point, and then to restrain sympathetic nerve, enlarge blood vessel, stimulate blood circulation and strength the phagocytosis effect of organism accroding to low frequency stimulating action formed by the feeling of acupuncture, and finally to achieve the purpose of anti-inflammatory and detumescence. Meanwhile, the stimulation of compound electricity with high energy distribution could also excite the nerve over sized fibres, disturb the cortex to trigger out the covering effect, and achieve the effect of abirritation; In addition, the impulsive current distributed according to certain regulation could activate the neuromuscular to cause the contraction and dilatation of muscle and engender exercise effect.

6. Acu-Point locating function
According to the theory of difference among the bioimpedence of different organs, points and the corresponding points of the certain diseased organs in human body, we could seek the point by using the intelligence of micro computer chip and the technology of frequency conversion digital biologic wave. It could help us to overcome the drawback of seeking points without a useful way and enhance the accuracy greatly. The effect of treatment is also very obvious with this technology. When choosing the function of locating points, we could do the health condition analysis of viscera through the data displayed on the LCD, which can help to find the disease and cure it as early as possible, to achieve the purpose of disease prevention in advance.