Germanium Beauty Roller
Germanium Beauty Roller
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The Germanium Slim Roller is a special combination of germanium and semi-conductor technology. The result of using this beauty roller is the tightening and beautifying of the skin and the defiance of the aging process. It takes away wrinkles and eliminates darks spots and makes the face look younger. The new innovative design is larger and has a higher output of negative-ion energy in comparison with its smaller counterpart.

What is Germanium?
Germanium is a chemical element, which few minerals contain in large amount, therefore it is discovered comparatively late. However, scientists announced that organic Germanium is a mystical substance called the element of life, supplying oxygen to body's cells, and increasing the immunity system, without side effects. That is how the Germanium Slim Roller came into birth.

Why we need a Germanium Slim Roller?
Our current urban lifestyle exposes the human body and human skin to harmful positive ions generated from mobile phones, computers, electronic and electrical equipment, chemicals, acid rain and ultraviolet rays.
Due to the positive ions in the world and what we eat today, 70% of the water in our body is waste water which means our bodies are polluted and inefficient. To combat these problems, the Germanium Slim Roller helps re-balance the positive and negative ions on the skin and in the body. Essentially, it ensures that the negative ions are on the skin and in the veins.
The metabolism of the human cell is an extremely important process as it purges waste out of the body while acquiring nutrients from the blood. With more negative ions in the body, the body's metabolism becomes more efficient. Conversely, with more positive ions in the blood, the body's metabolism becomes less efficient and slower. Hence, the human cells become weak and the body is more susceptible to sickness and the aging process is accelerated.
Use it only 3 times a day for 3 minutes each!
Use it three times a day for three minutes each to see not only anti-aging benefits but also health benefits


1. Promoting the absorb effect of maquillage wipe out the secretion of keratin. 
2. Preventing the ageing, enhancing immunity. 
3. Promoting the face blood circulation and metabolism. So slack and improve the phenomenon of natural sodium, such as skin flabby, wrinkles, splash , under-eye puffiness and multiplex under jaw result from age. 

1. Convenience to use, save time and money. 
2. Neednt charging, be permanent benefited. 
3. Use it whenever and wherever. 
4. using simply, cleaning easily. 
5. You can roll the beauty roller gently while enjoying TV and music when you are, make the facial beautification come true, also, you can use the beauty roller when bathing. 

Detailed Features:
1, Massage your face with several small Germanium Particles.

2, Promote face blood circulation.

3, Activate skin cells metabolism, make skinning and firm.

4, Prevent wrinkles and delay ageing.

5, Restrain the product of melanin.

6, Keep facial skin elasticity.

7, Handy massager dedicated for eye zone beauty.

8, Small portable gadget can be carried around in handbag.

How to Use: 
1. Usually handle the massager gently and rolling massage. 
2. You can use it to massage your cheek, forehead, around of the cantus and eyes, cello and shoulder 
3. You can use the massager after cooling in the refrigerator and cold water, or warm-upping in the warm water 
4. You can use the massager with cleansing foam, toner and Tran derma. 
5. You can use the massager directly after makeup