Aluma Wallet
Aluma Wallet
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aluma card wallet
1, Hard casing
2, Card Protection
3, RFID protection
4, Waterproof and sturdy

aluma card wallet

this unique signature piece is produced by the Telebrands Company and is available online through this link. There are several features about it which make it completely different as compared to ordinary metal cash or card carrying cases.

  • Hard casing- The hard casing  means that you can easily put your credit cards, cash, keys and other essentials into it and carry it around. Unlike other metal card wallets, the Aluminum Wallet is an aluminum case that is lightweight and extremely resistant to dings and dents. You can easily carry it in your back pocket or in your handbag without worrying about damaging the coating.
  • Card Protection- The interior is lined with soft nylon material that prevents the cards from rubbing against each other and against any keys and metallic objects that you may have to carry in it. There are supple side pockets, pouches and compartments inside that are specifically designed for your drivers license, credit and debit cards and ID cards. If you ask for it, the manufacturers will also add a key ring to the outside which will make it much more easier to carry around and lock on to your handbag or your belt.
  • Snap protection and hardiness- Aluminum may be the lightest material possible but it is extremely hard. Usually, dropping any kind of metal case will mean a dent or a scratch on the surface of the casing resulting in a permanently scarred casing. However, that is not the case with the Aluminum Wallet. This hardy wallet is specially heat strengthened and modified to resist dings, dents and damages to the casing even when it is dropped. The Aluminum Wallet is also provided with a very strong latch that prevents anything from spilling out when the case is dropped. A few cases also pop open when jostled in the bag. However, the die-cast Aluminum Wallet is indestructible and especially resistant to dings and dents. The snap lock is also specially made to resist any attempts at inadvertent openings while in the bag or in the pocket.


  • RFID protection- No other wallet can guarantee you this kind of protection and not many people are aware of what is RFID protection. Usually, all the cash and cards in the leather or cloth wallet that you carry have RFID tags that provide information about the person carrying the tags. As a result, every time you pass through a scanner you are giving away vital personal data about yourself. Sometime, data thieves might set up small scanners in cars or in restaurants and then automatically collect your data for identity theft. But with the Aluminum Wallet you are safe. The aluminum casing acts like a filter preventing data from being transmitted through. The cards have to be removed from the metallic Aluminum Wallet casing to be scanned to provide the RFID data and this is extremely effective protection for users.
  • Waterproof and sturdy- The Aluminum Wallet is not like other metal cases. It is specially designed to hold in cards with a secure clasp. But along with this it is also completely waterproof. There have been times when you inadvertently leave your wallet in your jeans and put them in the washing machine. With an ordinary wallet, everything would turn in to a papery mush. But this does not happen in the Aluminum Wallet. It is completely waterproof and no water can enter into it even if you put the Aluminum Wallet in an extended hot water cycle wash.
  • Design features- The overall design of the is the same but it has been tweaked to make it adaptable for men and women. For example, women can get pretty bright colors like pink, neon green, orange, and yellow while men can get the same casing in bright black, shiny white and original metallic. Optional accessories may be added on like key rings, mobile holders, spectacle pockets etc to the same basic design to make it an complete accessory for both men and women