Facial ion beauty machine
Facial ion beauty machine
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Facial detox machine

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4)Radio waves,lifting


Principle, the use of [opposite sex attraction] to export the deep pores of dirt. Also the principle of the use of [same-sex repulsion], with different effects (eg acne, moisturizing, whitening, wrinkle-free, etc.) deep cortex, ion essence import all kinds of problems in a short time correction cortex. This method to import the active ingredients of the skin, absorption concentration than the hand-painted or oral concentrations higher than ten times ranging from several times to several, so that the skin can fully absorb the essence of the product composition

Iontophoresis whitening instrument will prime one-time large number of deep into the skin, activate cells and tissues, promoting a virtuous cycle of the blood, lymph, and promote the conversion of the absorption and melanin pigmentation, dull essence, spots or acne scars can be real-time fades to the gradual disappearance

Ion Beauty / ion effect

Elimination of the metal ion composition of the residual skin cosmetics, these harmful substances through the skin cells and pores penetrate the cortex, the cortex of precipitation in the positive ion mode, the formation of spots, and rough cortical aging and beauty care is difficult to to remove these harmful substances.

The pores of dissolved and export to the accumulation of excess sebum secretion, improve acne.

Able to import a large number of cortical and nutrients needed to grow older, the pollution of the urban environment, the skin by in vivo

Microcirculation supply to the skin of nutrients has been difficult to meet the actual needs of the skin, the skin growing demand for nutritional supplements, skin absorption features can not meet the needs of their amount, while [iontophoresis was able to be a large number of the nutrients in a one-time forced deep into the skin to achieve a certain effect.


Ion export / clean exfoliating